Tabuk Agricultural Development Co. announces the commencement date of E-voting on the Agenda of the Ordinary General Assembly (First Meeting) through modern technology means - (Reminder Announcement)

Announcement Detail Further to Tabuk Agricultural Development Co. announcement on Tadawul dated 23/09/1443H Corresponding 24/04/2022G regarding the invitation of The Board of Directors of Tabuk Agricultural Development Co. to all shareholders to participate in the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting (The first meeting) which will be held virtually through the contemporary technology means on Wednesday 24/10/1443H Corresponding 25/05/2022G at 6:30 PM.

The Company is pleased to remind its valued shareholders that the E-voting on the Agenda of the mentioned Ordinary General Assembly Meeting will start at 10:00 AM on Saturday 20/10/1443H corresponding to 21/05/2022G and will remain open until the end of the General Assembly meeting.

Please note that the voting on the agenda items of the Meeting will be conducted electronically solely through the Tadawulaty platform by using the link:

Attached the Manual for electronic voting in Arabic which issued by Edaa.

For inquiries about the OGA meeting, please feel free to contact the Shareholder Relations Department via

Phone number: 0144500000 Ext.103


Or Fax No. 0144500025


Or Email:

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