Riyadh 04 Rabi` Al-Awwal 1442 AH October 21, 2020 AD

Tabuk Agricultural Development Company announces that it has obtained the Saudi Good Agricultural Practices certification, which is known by the acronym “Saudi Gap S.G.A.P.

His Excellency the Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture Eng. Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Fadhli, on Wednesday morning 04-03-1442 AH 10/21-2020 AD, handed over the certificates to the companies who has got them, the company was represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Al-Walid bin Khalid Al-Shathry.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors emphasized the company's keenness to apply the best modern methods and techniques in agricultural practices and to improve agricultural operations that support the sustainability of production and environmental safety. In addition to focusing on the quality of agricultural production.

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The city of Tabuk, the headquarters of the Tabuk Agricultural Development Company, Muharram 1, 1442 AH

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